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Welcome to Trace, a collaboration game created by Team Dawn for Event 1 in @Colour-Wars competition. The goal for this event is to make a game without any looks blocks. So, here we go!
After the intro stops, some slides of story will appeared, and you just have to watch. More instruction in project.
Also, all levels has been tested and they are not impossible to passed.
We choose "Photography" as the theme because dawn is the best time to snap photos
Feedbacks are really welcome but, we aren't allowed to change this project anymore.

Main credits:
- @Really_A and @Sensytive for putting the project together.
- @Really_A for arranging the story slides.
- @Really_A, for programming the scanner system (shared in another project)
- @Really_A for the level renderer (also not in the final project)*
- @Really_A for the scoring system (edited by @Sensytive)
- @Sensytive for programming the tracing engine
- @Sensytive for the timer
- @Sensytive for the scribble detector
- @brittanmwadsworth for the intro
- @brittanmwadsworth for the pen number engine.
- @mooseman24 for the original idea of the project.
- @SpikePie for the music
- @eybitmstr for the intro music
- @ArrstalKOP for the fireworks (edited by @Sensytive)
- @Prinseskat for the thumbnail
- @brittanmwadsworth for the title idea

Story credits:
- @Aqualite, for writing the story.
- @SpikePie for writing the story slides (edited by @Really_A)
- @Really_A and @mooseman23 for writing the texts in the story
- @eybitmstr for the pixel art in the 1st slide
- @Spikepie for some pixel arts
- @Really_A for the hand drawing

Designs credits:
- @Sensytive for the cloud, sun, flower, window and mushroom
- @Prinseskat for the rooster, flower with shadow and the ship's wheel
- @Really_A for the bird scene (based from @eybitmstr's pixel art) and the leaf with dew

Extra notes:
- Credit to for the font.
We were going to add cloud highscore but this account is still a New Scratcher, so we can't.

.. and to all of our members for everything you do, all trial and errors, which aren't included in the final project.
You all tried your best.

Extra extra notes:
We apologize for sharing this the super late than it actually should. We've tried to upload this project about 4 hours before the deadline, but didn't work. The file was too big, probably. Or something.
But anyway.. It's shared now.

Edit: We have two lists which contain about 70k items each. Maybe thtat's why.

Thanks to @Prinseskat, for trying to share it, also @Sensytive, and finally this project was shared by @Really_A

*We use a separate project to write the levels code.

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