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You, Nox, have been chosen to protect a sacred object. Night has fallen and the monsters are out. Don't die!

Draw a valuable, then press space when you're done.
Next, draw a creature, Press space.
Use arrow keys to rotate shields to hit enemies. Don't let them get to the center, where you (the valuable) are!

-Team Nightfall

Created by Team Nightfall (Monochrome)

After ten hectic days of programming, managing life, discussing ideas, assembling the teams and making inside jokes, Team Nightfall presents Nox, a highly-customization pen-based game. Enjoy!


Thumbnail @-TotallyEpic-
Thumbnail Edits @Pepestan_Gaming
"Draw" costumes and programming @ScratchStang
Customization drawing @ScratchStang
Rendering background @nanalan
Shields @nanalan
Smooth shield rotation @Pepestan_Gaming
SFX input @Pepestan_Gaming
Enemy/shield detection @Zaptoe_Games
Bug Fixes @ZLGames @Pepestan_Gaming @FlightOfTheWaffle
Inspirational drawing art @ZLGames @-TotallyEpic- @ScratchStang
Screen Shake @nanalan
Enemy Movement @nanalan
In-game instructions @Scratchstang
Custom hacked lists block @nanalan
Game over art @ScratchStang
Play and background art @ScratchStang @-TotallyEpic-
Start menu art @ScratchStang
Start menu programming @Zaptoe_Games
Health System @nanalan
Story Ideas (severely condensed) @FlightOfTheWaffle
Name Idea @ the team


Game over program
Start Music:
In game music:
Sound effects:
Damage Sound Effect:

Note: The "Modified _____ 2016" refers to notes and credits. The project itself has not been changed ever since it was shared.

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