Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: Sandbox

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Notes and Credits (added by EnderPlaySmash)

This game is based off of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Sandbox Mode) by Landfall Games.

The project I'm most proud of- it's way better than this one.

Double-click the green flag. Press the troop type you want to place. Click on the field to place that troop. L to change location. Space to start battle.

11/5/18 Update: Bug Fixes, slight changes. Reverted location change to "L".
11/4/18: 130K views :)
3/1/18: 90K views! Thanks everyone!
1/14/18: 80K views!
1/2/18: 200 favorites!
12/4/17: 70,000 views!
10/19/17: 60,000 views! Amazing!
9/18/17 Update: I've decided that this project is too popular to leave to ruins. I've revamped everything including character design, locations, interface, collisions, and the BattleEngine. It's practically a new project! Hope you enjoy!
8/17/17: Wow... 50,000 views... I'm speechless. definitely don't deserve these many views... thanks anyway!
6/17/17: Thank you all so much for all the views! 36,000! Crazy!
6/17/17: Update: Lots and lots of bug fixes. Also; this project is very old and will no longer be updated. If you want more like this or a better version, I suggest you try my Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.
6/12/17: 100 favorites? Awesome!
5/23/17: Game finalized and finished.
5/20/17: 30,000 views! Crazy!
5/14/17 Update: Bug fixes.
2/26/17 2.0 Update: Completely new scripts, costumes and a Super Peasant! This also increased the lag. :(
12/28/16 Update: Retextured locations, added Neon location and replaced Chicken Man Man with Dark Peasant.
12/15/16 Update: Fixed locations and fixed chicken man man spawn.
12/5/16 Update: Improved fighting, fixed bugs, changed thumbnail.
11/4/16 2000 VIEWS! Thank you Scratch community!
10/11/16 Update: Chicken Man Man! + press "L" to change location.
10/3/16: 1000 VIEWS! Thank you all for your support!
9/23/16: 500 VIEWS! Thank you so much!
9/12/16: Original game posted with peasants and grass location.

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