Scratcher Radio Station #1: Pop Favorites

See inside

Just press the flag, lean back, relax, and listen.

You can keep these songs on when you're in another tab or window, so you can work to music!

Notes and Credits

This is going to be a series, each episode with 4 songs that fit with the title, and one random silly one.

Some of these songs are dedicated to users.

Hey there Delilah: Dedicated to Cluck, who is a great friend however far away she is, and my friends back in Florida, my home state. I'm 2000 miles away, but I still love and remember you people.

Quiet like the Snow: Dedicated to -SkyStar-, because I'm a big fan. Please come back, Sky, because it's hard to be Quiet while waiting for you.

Feel free to take the songs! If ya wanna know how I got them, I made Mr. Radio here and carried him around and captured these songs using Mr. Radio as a pokeball XD

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