Adventure man

by will803
See inside

Arrow keys to move
U to read a sign or go into the house
Don't go out of the world, go in the snowy area without a jumper or touch red
Space to shoot (Requires Fire Gun)

If jetpacks lag your game go to options (the thing in the corner) >> particles = 0

Notes and Credits

A11 BY M3

I Added Skins! (Comment Below for Them)

Other Credit: Pokemon, Minecraft, Scratch

C̶O̶M̶I̶N̶G̶ ̶S̶O̶O̶N̶:̶ ̶M̶a̶j̶e̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ ̶S̶t̶a̶f̶f̶
Sorry, the Majestic Staff was sucked into a black hole.
But: what IS coming soon(ish) is ADVENTURE MAN 2

Bob V (He likes bananas)

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