Windows UIL 3.52

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Latest Update:
Updated Shutdown

I'm working on a BRAND NEW AMAZING GAME! :
Shortcut keys:
C O P for COP Masanger

Notes and Credits

What New:
added settings and start menu
fixed start menu glitch
another bug fixed
What New In 10 Sep 2016
bug fixed
added shut down
you can now pin recycle bin in taskbar
another bug fixed
and another :(
What New In 25 Mar 2017
bug fixed
new backgrounds
New Shutdown Button Look
What New In 31 Mar 2017
Internet UIL
Color Changing
Whats New In 9 April 2017
Deleted Internet Uil For A Few Reasons
Whats New In 14 April 2017
3.4 IS HERE YAY (:
Whats New In 21 April 2017
Internet Settings Is Finished
More Button (unfinished)
You Can Suggest Some Apps Ill Always Be Here To Upgrade
Whats New In 22 Apr 2017 at 12:44 PM:
More Menu
Whats New In 22 Apr 2017 at 5:39 PM:
stop sound button
Whats New In 22 Apr 2017 at 7:44 PM:
Phone UIL (Unfinished)
Whats New In 23 Apr 2017:
Finished Phone UIL
Whats New In 23 Apr 2017 12:39 PM:
Added My Computer
Whats New In 23 Apr 2017 3:48 PM:
Nope no longer make recycle bin movable for a few reasons
Whats New In 24 Apr 2017:
Forgot to tell phone UIL Is Finished
More voices
Added Restart
Whats New In 24 Apr 2017 at 7:09:
Added new color
Whats New In 25 Apr 2017:
Sound Settings
Whats New In 29 Apr 2017:
Finished Sound Settings
Whats New In 5 May 2017:
Added Code For Virus Good Luck Finding it
Whats New In 6 May 2017:
Fixed Glitch
Whats New In 17 May 2017:
Deleted Phone UIL For Some Reasons
Added New Folder (UNFINISHED)
Whats New in 1 August 2017:
Improved First Background
Deleted Folder
Whats New in 16 December 2017 ( 2018 ):
Merry XMas . Heres a present WINDOWS UIL 3.5 IS HERE!!!!
Improved Graphics
New Beginning Message
New Background / A Background Edit
What New in 17 December 2017 ( 2018 )
Working Time
New Start Button
Start Button can open and close start menu
Whats New in 19 December 2017 ( 2018 )
Chilled Windows
Whats New in 26 December 2017 ( 2018 )
New Settings
Whats New in 11 February 2018
Added Message Setting
Working On A Game Called BloxInBlox
Whats New in June 15 2018:
Special Settings (Unfinished)
New Start Button Animation
Music in sound settings
Whats New in 28 June 2018:
Better color changing saver
Whats New in 1 July 2018:
Email turned into updates
The Chills removed from UIL Store
SpecialSettings Continued
Whats New in 2 July 2018:
New Backgrounds
Debug Mode (F3X)
Whats New In 7 July 2018:
Readded Phone UIL
Whats New In 24 July 2018 :
C - O - P Massanger. Kinda like crt alt del (Keys to open - C O P at the same time )
What New In Unknown Date :
Task Managing is added
Whats New In Unknown Date :
Task Managing redeem codes
Whats New In 16 August 2018 :
Discontinued Sound App
Whats New In 19 August 2018 :
New Background
Recycle Bin can now actually delete
System Managing can delete more stuff!
Whats New In 25 August 2018:
New Graphics for Recycle Bin and Start Button
Whats New In 22 September 2018:
UIL Internet Added
New shutdown message look.
Whats New In October 8th 2018:
Ok. Since scratch is actually capable of loading websites no matter what. I turned internet settings into blank settings.
Whats New in October 9th 2018: just a bug fix
Whats New In October 10th 2018: Debug is closeable now.
Whats New In October 24th 2018 : Halloween Background and New COP Masanger Style
Whats New In October 27th 2018 : New COP Masanger Feature : Force StopAll .
Whats New In October 28th 2018 : Windows UIL automatically shuts down if you stop the project
The date can now be shown
Whats New in November 3rd 2018 : New Mouse Style , New Setting : Change Start Font Style
Whats in beta in November 6th 2018 : Administrator Permissions
Whats New in November 8th 2018 : Made Administrator Permissions less laggier.
I made Administrator permissions F3X only.
Whats New in November 23th 2018 : Added Mess With Your Computer 1.0 to the UIL Store (Not Complete)
Whats New in November 25th 2018 : Updated Shutdown

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