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Assorted art/commissions/sketches/etc.
1. Adrienette because I am still in love with Miraculous Ladybug
2. Some guy paid me to draw him and his girlfriend as Link and Zelda and it was really fun. :)
3. Adrienette...again...
4. Page 1 of a You as a Character assignment in my storyboarding class. Scratch killed the quality, of course, and the second page wasn't even legible so I didn't include it.
5. I read Pride and Prejudice over the summer and actually really liked it? I'm doing some designs of the different characters but so far the only one that's really done is Jane, so here she is. Also this is currently SCRATCH EXCLUSIVE as I haven't posted it anywhere else!
6. Flowerpot lady sketch
7. Queen of Hearts sketches
8. Doodled some guy in the food court. He had no idea.
9. Sketching plants in my friend's garden!
10. I did something different with my hair and I LOVE IT.

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Helloooooo, Scratch! I am now OFFICIALLY A REAL LIFE ANIMATION STUDENT!!! After spending a year at school working on the prerequisite classes and preparing my application, at the beginning of August I was accepted into BYU's animation program and I couldn't be more excited. I'm taking a ton of really cool classes and I'm learning SO MUCH SO FAST! It's amazing and I'm having SO MUCH FUN. It's also really intense and kind of grueling, but I'm loving it. I was having a really hard time with life and everything a few months ago, and in many ways many things are still difficult, but I'm soooo much happier now. When things are hard, look for the good in the world and don't give up. I promise it will get better. I'm so, so happy to be chasing my dreams. I am INCREDIBLY busy, but I'll try to pop in on you guys every now and then! Keep being awesome and doing cool stuff, everyone. :) Love you!

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