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⭐ Painted Pupper Project

WARNING! It's highly suggested you read below because otherwise you won't know how to play... seriously... x')

also... I know it doesn't have too much variety but there's at least a little :) ... see if you can fill the plains with as many houses/mines/carts as possible :D

NOT TAKING SUGGESTIONS sorry! I'm all done with this project lol.

• To gather items on the ground, you must crouch down near them (hold S) and HOLD the collect button (space)
• Click the backpack to see your inventory
• Mouse over the compass to find resources
• Mouse over the head to see your village's population
• Click the house to go into edit mode and click the button that pops up to place buildings when you have them made
• Use the hammer to go into craft mode and click the button that pops up to craft items together, make sure you have the materials first but by picking them up or crafting them!

• M to mute the music
• W, A, S and D to jump, move and crouch
• Space to collect plants

@Painted-Pupper - Everything
• ♫ Dessert - Dawin (Acoustic Cover)

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