Facts of Life for Left-Handers

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I'm left-handed! Who else is? Comment below! (Sorry comments are off for now.)
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Thank you so much for the feature!!! This is an amazing honor!!

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Quick note here:
I am definitely aware of people who are ambidextrous. Sorry that I did not include you in this project. Also, please do not think that this means that EVERY lefty has these problems or that NO people who are righties have these problems either. They're just more common with lefties. The pencil thing happens to lefties no matter what we write, and is more common for us, although it happens to some righties too. Also, the IQ thing is purely due to statistics and does not prove that any righties are "dumb" or all lefties are "smart." Everyone is perfect just the way they are. :)

Notes and Credits

The music is from Inside Out. I do NOT own this music.

I'm really bad at drawing hands...as long as you don't stare at them too long they'll look normal-ish.

All 'art' is by me. I know I got some details incorrect, but it's just to give you the main idea.

I'm not trying to say that lefties are better than righties, or that righties are better than lefties. I'm just stating the difficulties we lefties have to go through almost everyday.

I can relate to ALL of these. The can opener one is the biggest one for me. I can't open my own cans. :(

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