Gobo, fearless adventurer™

remixed by lettuce11Test
See inside

The final version of Gobo, fearless adventurer, now running on a new engine!

WARNING: This game is for beefy computers! Play at your own risk, low-end gamers!
This may need you to press the Green Flag twice.

Play in Turbo mode for a cool speed challenge!
This game DOES NOT work on Phosphorus. I tried it and Gobo went crazy, clipping through the floor.

===Read before playing===

Wake up, hero...
Legend foretold that when the world is ending, the chosen one will arise and save CodeTopia...

With the world invaded by monsters and in turmoil, Gobo must fight to save CodeTopia from the shadow of evil.
Can Gobo save CodeTopia before it's too late?
And will he find who is behind all of this?
The End is near...

If you find a bug/glitch, tell me on the discussion page.

NEW Official Discussion Page:

For more, go to lettuce11.weebly.com

Notes and Credits (added by lettuce11Test)

CREDITS are in-game!

♪ Music: Battle Belt - Super Mario Galaxy 2,
Nuclear Mission Jam - Half-Life,
Electrodome (8 bit) - Mario Kart 8,
BitJam (song2) - iCrazyBlaze,
Non Senties Dolorem Remix - iCrazyBlaze and Jarnefeldt on Twitter/BeepBox

♪ Sounds and music: @Will_Wam, @lettuce11Test
☆ Scripting: @Superdoggy, @lettuce11Test
★ Other stuff: @_milamber_, @easyScratcher

This took a very long time to make (2 years), so I would love some reviews.
Sorry for the engine scripts lagging so much when you try to edit them.
And sorry for not explaining what most of the scripts do.
(I don't understand some of them myself LOL)

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