Pokemon Team Battle ☁ v1.6

by Haudio
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Notes and Credits

     P O K E M O N T E A M B A T T L E
          made by  @Haudio


  Join a team. It says you can't switch teams after doing so
 but we all know you just need to refresh the page if you really
 want to XD (but don't betray your team!). To check the leaderboard
 hover over the podium-style leaderboard. To begin playing, press
 "Battle!". You then need to press space when the marker passes  through the dark area. If you miss then you lose. If you hit then
  you will have to do it 2 more times (at increasing difficulties).
 If you win, your team gains 3 points and the challenger you chose
 loses a point (if they have any to lose). If you lose, the challenger
  you chose gains 1 point. Have fun, and try to help your team
           be the very best! :D

    Do no spam comments like "WOOO VALOR!!!" or
    "BOO MYSTIC!!!". Feel free to support your team,
      but please do so in a calm, civil manner. Any
        comments that do not respect this
            will be deleted.

         I hope you like this project! :)

             Top Loved
            Top Remixed
            Thank you :D

     Niantic for PokeMon teams & logo designs.
   The Pokemon Company for PokeMon and the music.

V1.6 score reset
V1.5 HUGE bug fixed + score reset
V1.4 + sound effect
V1.3 score reset
V1.2 Bug fixes
V1.1 + mute button
V1 Release

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