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Rolfwolf, I hope you like this! Here are instructions. Simplified instructions at bottom.

Drag Caper with your mouse to make him eat, drink, sleep, or just to position him. When playing the agility course, use the arrow keys to run and jump. Dodge the red! Click the green button when you are done with the course, or don't want to finish it. WARNING: If you finish a course early, you must wait before doing it again.

------------------------------------------------- If you drag him to a dish, he will finish it. To refill, click a food bag or water bottle. To clean the bowls, drag them to the sink, and they will automatically be put in the cabinets, or you can put them in the cabinets. Click the cabinets to open and close. To make him sleep, drag him onto his bed and wait until he finishes his rest. He will dream. You can see his cheeks puff and his paws twitch. :)

Click some things (the room, the bed, the eating matt, the ball) to change their looks. Drag a bandana or collar on Caper to dress him. Take them off when he does a course, which you put it away by dragging it to the 'Wash Clothes' icon. Also click a paper towel in the kitchen to give Caper a napkin, and clean the same way.

To change locations, click the 'Kitchen, 'Bedroom', or 'Outside' button. To go back from an agility course, press the green arrow.

Drag Caper and his props around to play with them. If you drag Caper onto some items, he will interact with them. You can change the looks of some thigs by clicking on them. In the Bedroom you can drag accessories on Caper. Put them in the wash to put them up. In the kitchen, you must drag the bowls to the sink to clean them up. Click the machine for a treat. Outside, there's an agility course. Use the arrow keys and dodge the red.

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