Find All The Words (Project #8)

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Step 1: Choose a starting word
Step 2: Find all words that can be made from the letters in step 1

Note: The dictionary in this game contains over 75,000 common words but it is not exhaustive. If you find a word that you strongly feel should be included, leave a comment with the word and a link to a reputable dictionary defining the word.

Also, please use only lower case letters when entering the starting word (no spaces, hyphens, apostrophes, etc).

Gameplay: The program provides two lists to track your progress. The first is a list of words you have already correctly guessed. The second is a list of how many words remain for each word length.

The game will ask you to provide a word. If that word has already been guessed or is not a valid answer, you will be informed and asked to provide a new word. When you enter a new correct answer, the two lists will be updated and you will be prompted for the next word.

The game is over when all possible words have been provided.

Notes and Credits

Created: 2013-08-21

Updated: 2013-08-22 Per suggestion from @scubajerry, the remaining words are listed in sorted order (first by word length, then by size) and words that haven't been guessed are masked out

This game is loosely based on the project "Scratch-A-Gram Game" ( by @scubajerry

In fact, I am hoping he remixes it to add graphics!

People seemed to enjoy my "Hangman On Its Head" ( project, so I decided to do another word game.

Please let me know if have any questions or suggestions.


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