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by Noroz
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Prepare yourself to ☁ CloudPhoto ☁, a completely pen rendered project that bends the limit of Scratch. In this project, you can upload your own pictures to the cloud and view other people's too!


If you do not have a webcam, I have given you many templates so you don't have to use it. If you do not want to use a webcam, just deny it access and you can also use the templates.

When you start, if you would like to upload a photo, type in y and then let it scan the screen (If not, press n). This may take a few minutes, but trust me, it's worth it. After you have scanned an image (and have let it render) and you would like to upload, press space and it will save it to the cloud. From there you can view images that other people have uploaded by navigating with the left and right arrow keys (You must wait for each image to render before moving on). It's a simple as that!


This project can only hold up to 7 images at a time, due to max size of cloud data variables.

SCANNING TIPS: If you are using webcam, try to make the scene as still as possible for the best picture result. This will take a minute or so to scan with a decent computer if you are using a template, and about five to ten minutes with the webcam on the same computer as long as the image isn't too complex. The darker the image, the faster the scan. Black scans the fastest, white the longest.

NOTE: The quality is low for the sake of time, and for your own safety, if you know what I mean. This project cannot upload a detailed image of anything about you, including your face. Please use this appropriately.

100% Pen 100% Me

This can only hold 6 images at a time due to the max size of cloud data variables.

Thanks @wizzwizz7 for suggesting a couple alternative ideas on how to save to the cloud for a couple lists.

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