El Dorado Pinball

remixed by BoltBait
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Use the left and right arrow keys (or Z and M) to control the flippers. Your score is shown in the lower left, balls in lower right, bonus in upper right. Hit round targets to increase bonus score. Knock down all drop-targets to increase bonus multiplier. Bonus score is awarded at the end of each ball.

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Notes and Credits (added by BoltBait)

El Dorado Pinball - By BoltBait
Development: 7 hours.

This is based on a real pinball machine and the Simple Pinball Base project by Paddle2See. (Thanks for that!)

If you remix this game, please don't remove my name from the splash screen and project notes. Just add your name along side of mine. Thanks!

v1.1 - Added digital score and ball in play. Added high score table (Click Cloud Data)
v1.0 - Initial Release

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