How to Anime in Vector ♡

by Rosyda
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Notes and Credits

♡♡♡ Welcome to my First Vector Drawing Tutorial ♡♡♡
>>> Choose the language with your mouse (2 languages available)
>>> If you want to restart the language option, click the green flag
>>> Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate
>>> Press Q to show the slide number
>>> Press W to hide the slide number
>>> Press Space to see the menu
>>> Press Space again will cancel the menu option
>>> holding the left or right button for a very long time will make the slide looks like a speed draw (I just noticed)
>>> Press M to mute music
This Tutorial Covers:
♡ Basic vector tutorial
♡ Head
♡ Eye
♡ Nose
♡ Lips
♡ Ears
♡ Hair
♡ Boys
♡ & Body
if you want to learn more basic vector tutorial, check this: by @bubble103
mastered the basic and want to try advanced tutorial? check this: by @xXWouldBeNinjaXx
This was made for some friends who wanted to try drawing anime in vector. I hope this is helpful. Give me your opinion about the result in the comment section below ♡
- Art & Coding by me
- Music from Instrumental of Armin van Buuren ft Trevor Guthrie This Is What It Feels Like (Ricardo Munoz)
- Thanks to @Evelynn- for hosting a logo voting for me, I've picked the one with most vote (number 4)
Fun Fact:
♡ Even if seems like I know what I'm doing, I'm pretty clueless
♡ I'm not a professional (I only have 5 month of experience in vector when I shared this, so not a senpai ♡)
♡ The tutorial is in 122 slides, and I made it in 5 days (lol, I made so many slides per day)
♡ As you can see in the project, I've tried so many styles, and maybe I might try to alternate some style even more
♡ Bahasa Indonesia is my first Language, English my second ♡
♡ The loading might take a while, so I make more text for you to read while waiting xD
♡ That chibi fox mascot is called Beno
06 Des 2016
♡ Fixed some texts (tysm @tumtootle)
♡ Added cancel menu option (tysm @jli3)
08 Sep 2016
♡ Added mute option (press M)
25 Aug 2016
♡ Added main menu (press space)
24 Aug 2016
♡ Added Indonesian Language
23 Aug 2016
♡ Added slide number
♡ Project officially shared
If you like the tutorial, please leave a love so that more people can see this ♡ and if you see grammar error or such, please notify me as well (which slide?), I will fix it soon ♡ (and, if you see someone used the art here without credit, please report them), thank you, happy learning (✿◕ u◕ฺ)ノ
it's top loved ;u; (I was hoping for a feature, but oh well) here's my art samples if you want to look more:
- (anime requests)
- (chibi prizes)
- (hand drawing sketch)
- (semi - realistic)
- (animated art)
♡ scratchstang and ipzy loved this xD
♡ oh my god, it's been in top loved section for the whole week 0_0
♡ that feeling when people say nice things but didn't press the love button ;u;

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