Nail Art Simulator

See inside


0 - Normal brush
Hold down the mouse to paint large areas.
1 - Fine brush
Hold down the mouse to paint fine details.
2 - Dotting tool
Click to create perfect dots.
3 - Nail Vinyls / Stamps
Select a vinyl with the variable in the bottom right. (My favourite is number 6!) Click to place it on the nail.
4 - Gradient tool
Select a direction for the gradient to face. Click on it to stamp it on the nail. (You will want the gradient to be a different colour than the rest of the nail!)

Choosing a colour
- Use the Colour variable to pick a hue
- Use the Shade variable to pick if it's dark or light
- The colour you picked will be shown in the top right
- The colour will be used with every brush

- Click "clear"
- Follow instructions

- Only shows up when brush 3 is selected
1. Smiley face (my least favourite, I'll probably replace it .3.)
2. INVERTED cat. (Inverted means everything inside will stay the same, just the outside will be filled the colour)
3. Swirl
4. Vertical stripe
5. Horizontal striping tape (to make multiple at the same angle, keep your mouse's X the same as you move the mouse down)
6. Chevron (my personal favourite >w<)
7. Large dot

- Only shows up when brush 4 is selected
- The direction setting is for picking the direction the gradient comes from
1. Top 2. Top right 3. Right 4. Bottom right 5. Bottom 6. Bottom left 7. Left 8. Top left

To save a design to your computer, press see inside, right click on the nail, and press "save picture of stage".

Notes and Credits

;w; Featured August 23rd, 2016! Thank you SO MUCH, Scratch Team! I would also like to thank all of you lovely Scratchers for all the nice comments you have given me >w<
I would also like to thank @SpectralHeart and @cSoup, as well as everyone else who suggested this project to be featured!

If anybody can tweet a link to this project to Simply Nailogical on twitter, and get a reply, I will most likely die. (And you'll probably get a follow xD)

So, I don't really like painting my nails, but I DO love watching Simply Nailogical on YouTube, so I decided to make this out of boredom xD By the way, she does swear a lot, so I don't suggest you watch go watch her if you aren't ok with that .w. It didn't really turn out that bad though ^o^ By the way, the art of my logo on thumbnail I actually did make in this project x'D

Art, programming, etc ~ Me
Idea ~ Simply Nailogical

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