Harry Potter Wand Dueling, And HP world! V2.1

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Due to lack of motive, and people not being able to run it, I am done developing the Harry potter world. To much extra lag and assets. However I might develop that as a separate project if I can find a way to transfer galleons as a cloud variable between projects.

For a more lag free version, with less assets go here! It's still awesome

Press M if you want to save your galeon ammount (it will end all scripts however if you press green again it will be their (unless you refresh the page))

If you have a slow computer press the up key when the project starts this will stop the intro and automatically press the reduce lag button!

Learning spells and casting spells!

Learning spells:
Press the go to school button to learn new spells!
When you learn a spell you can allways find the pattern by pressing the corresponding letter or number key!
After you go to school the icon will disappear and will not fly appear till it is done re-charging for your next lesson!
Note: Because of the lack of cloud lists the program will not remember your spells after the stop is clicked. As soon as cloud lists are available I have a system so if your logged in it knows what you know forever! Also all spells are based off of here
Read them to learn their effects if your not as geeky as me!

Casting spells!
Once you have learned a spell and have brought up its patterns this is what you do!
1. At the start area press and hold space
2. With your mouse down drag your mouse along the pattern till it hits a dot.
3. When you hit the dot release the mouse and continue tracing
4. When your at the end release the space and mouse.
Note: If your luckey you can cast a spell even if you don't know it. You just have to be lucky! Also due to glitch #1 I suggest pressing and releasing space before you cast another spell.

In the single player part your spells will have no effect however if you press "I am ready to duel" then you can fight against someone.
Note: At this time their is no multiplayer but as soon as cloud lists are released their will be! Also in single player you can see the spells getting shot and you can send a bird at the other side of the screen.

Multiplayer guide
You are against an al computer! Use all the spells you know to make his health go below zero! You can shield his attacks with protego and heal your self abit with episkey! All spells have pretty realistic effects on the enemy but if something isn't being realistic please report it to me!
Also if yours and his spells meet in the green area then you will trigger a connection! During this time you must click the wierd orb that will be on the screen to push the spells both onto him! Whoever the center of the two spells hits gets both their and their enemy's spells!
Note: comment if you like that effect it took forever!

Notes and Credits

PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING!: Most people are not able to cast spells because they don't understand this one principle. As well as tracing the shape with the space bar down you must release and re-apply the mouse!
Please tell your friends if you think this is awesome!
After dreaming for 3 months and over 52 hours of programming the beta version is here!!
You can cast over 33 spells! Go to school! Or fight a villan! All with state of my art fx and awesome harry potter music! All spells are based off of here
(Even 2 of the unforgivable curses (how would someone do imperious curse))!
If you love it please tell your friends! And like or/and favorite it if its worthy!

Comming soon! (Any suggestions please p.m me or comment)

More stores in Diagon Alley!

Wand drawing on front screen

Hogwarts minigames

Games! Learn spells way easier by playing fun mini games!

Online multiplayer mode! Play against people from all around the world! I have devised a theoretical way for two people to play against eachother!

Remembered spells! if you know a spell it will be saved by your username forever.

Known bugs! (Please report all bugs in the comments and ill fix them as soon as possible) (if you have a solution please p.m me)

NO BUGS!!! (as far as i know) report anyhting that might be wrong

Credits to!

Harry potter spells app (free)
For my inspiration

J.k Rowling
For her wonderfull books and inspirer of the movies!

For his inspiring gesture recognition project that I changed for my project! (Just took thinking outside of the box allitle literally)

To Team Insolitus
For guiding and inspiring me through the tough development!

For her sparkle wand that I adapted for my project!

To my Mom and Dad
For keeping me alive and well, and for sending me to school!

For the stars at the begging!

For the wonderfull voice artistry!

2.1 You can now store galleons in gringots! You can also remember galleon ammounts by pressing "m"
2.0 Unveiling the world of harry potter! You can go to diagon alley and go to gringotts, or olivanders! More locations coming as fast as i can program!
1.9 Added the world of harry potter, floo netword, and Olivanders shop
1.8 Rendered the startup for wayy less lag! Added a troubleshooting button to help with people who cannot cast.
1.7 Made all spells easier to cast if you draw the shape right and release the mouse at the right time you will cast it (you must lift mouse at dots)
1.6 Made transitions smoother and made lag allmost disappear! (credits to GP1 for the idea) Also added lag reduction button
1.5 Small reduction of lag, added music on or off button
1.4 Added Incantations, and added more sounds!
1.3 bug #1 crushed... as far as i know
1.2 Major lag reduction, better tutorial
1.1 Added awesome new startup page! Also added tutorial mode!
1.0 Added all gameplay and 33 spells

If you want to help and get your name on the credits please do one of these three things!
1. Redo graphical effects that look cheep (p.m me if intrested)
2. Be a voice artist for the spells! (See upcomming features for more info
3. Like and favorite it! And consider curating it!

Please, never remix or use my codes, or sprites without my permission! I probably will grant permission if you ask, and if you want to remix we can collaborate. I hope you enjoyed the project!

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