The Royal Advisor

by DDS2
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Make sure your money, power, popularity, and command doesn't drop below 0! If they do you won't have much time before your empire crumbles. -Version 2.21.4

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Play the new The Royal Advisor Upgraded Version! It is like the royal advisor, but with some awesome upgrades!

Last time I checked @Boost999 had the highscore, and @Asgardian-Eagle had the version high score.

Music from and The Legend of Zelda

2.21: Changed the ending.

2.20: Added the knights, princess perfecta, and baron ham for phase 4. (Years 75ish to 99)

2.19.8: Added the ghost to the night. Increased the score bonus for reaching the Age of the Empire. Added the Age of Glory. (Achieved when your money + power + popularity = 25,000 and the year is at least 100.)

2.19.6: Version most years now updates even if the game hasn't ended. (So you can still get the version most years even if you haven't lost yet) Added letter from Madame Katherine. Added Count Jimmy. Updates to phase 3. (years 50ish to 79ish)

2.19: A new and improved version of The Terrible Wars have been added. Version Most Years has been added. Bug fixed where the game freezes after talking to the Fairy Queen.

2.18: Updated the Choose Your Character screen! Now you can choose from 4 characters. Added Fairy Queen that has a 5% chance of talking to you each year after year 1. New art and questions, and a higher frequency for The Wizard.

2.17: Every year there is a chance of it being night-themed. There isn't much that can happen yet, but updates to this new feature will happen! Added cat centaur and warden.

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