Sphere from Icosahedron grid

by raucket
See inside

Press 'S' to split every tri into 4 new ones
Mouse to rotate.
Press 'Up' / 'Down' to increase / decrease size.
Press 'F' to toggle filler
Press 'B' to toggle back-face culling
Press 'M' to toggle multi-coloring
Press 'L' to toggle light-shading

Initially 20 triangles + 1 x 'S' = 80 triangles, + 2 x 'S' = 320 triangles
+ 3 x 'S' = 1280 triangles, ...

Notes and Credits

Trying out some alternatives for distributing a limited amount of points/dots/faces to represent a sphere.

Starting out with a Icosahedron vertices form three orthogonal golden rectangles. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regular_icosahedron

Learned a lot from drawing equilateral triangles and implementing Sierpinski.

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