Full 3D Engine v2.4 Tech Demo

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WASD..............Move player
Arrow keys.......Rotate camera
E.....................Open / close door (must be near to the door)
M....................Toggle mouse controls
O....................Show options
F.....................Toggle FPS Counter

Notes and Credits (added by chooper100)

Press O and turn shadows off. If that doesn't work, you can try decreasing the resolution or even going into wireframe mode.


Hi everyone, this is my new full 3D engine!
We are no longer limited by having no floors, ceilings or walls with different heights, allowing for much more interesting projects. :D

- @WO997 and @DadOfMrLog for loads of help!
- @DadOfMrLog for all the triangle drawing scripts: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/55619918/
https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/61122192/ and
- In addition @DadOfMrLog for the sort algorithm:
- soundsnap.com and freesound.org for the footstep sounds
- soundbible.com for the door close sound
- soundjay.com for the door open sound
- https://soundcloud.com/ugotsta/sets/ambience/ (Bay of Hope) for ambient music

Explanations of 3D:
- goo [dot] gl/aS04Uo2 (introductory youtube video series)
- scratchapixel.com (advanced)

v2.4: (30 October 2016)
- Lots of useful internal additions
- Custom properties for objects
- Automatically clear temp data
- Optimisations to lines

v2.2: (8 September 2016)
- Bug fixes for OBJ files

v2.1: (6 September 2016)
- Added max draw distance setting (disabled by default)
- Added spherical collisions
- Turn off shadows per object
- General touch ups (see forum for more)

v2.4: (30 October 2016)
- Internal feature additions to help developers
- Optimisations to lines
- General bug fixes

v2.0: (6 September 2016)
- Added radio to the table
- Major optimisations
- Import OBJ files for easy object creation
- Added sound engine: (Thanks to @Liam48D and @Trackmaniadude for the ideas)
---> Play a sound once from a given 3D point
---> Play repeated ambient sounds from an object
---> Max 300 ambient sounds at once
- Fixed lines when viewed up close
- Changed sort algorithm to @TheLogFather's in-place sort (link above)
- Updated objects documentation to match all changes (now shared on Google Drive)
- New render setting to toggle triangle optimisations
- Changed control display to WASD rather than WSAD (Thanks to @Trackmaniadude for noticing that!)
- Smooth transition from loading screen
- Fixes to loading

v1.9: (2 September 2016)
- Added steps at the back of the house
- Added line shadows
- Updated physics engine (can now walk up ramps)
- Added sounds to textures - thanks to @Liam48D for the inspiration!

v1.8: (31 August 2016)
- Added collisions to trees and table legs
- Added pausing
- Revamped collision system:
---> Rotated collision boxes :D
---> Auto-add padding to collisions
---> Automatically generate collisions for objects
- Objects can now be hidden
- Added display for mouse controls
- Fixes to loading system
- Lines now have near z clipping
- You can no longer jump whilst crouching
- Minor internal changes to rendering

v1.8-b: (28 August 2016)
- Added table and trees to demo
- New "line" surface
- Updated physics engine
- Added initial display of controls (dismissed by moving around)
- If you get trapped in the door and jump, you no longer get transported to the top of the door (thanks @SOAP_Industries for spotting that!)
- Footstep sound when landing (thanks @liam48D for the idea)
- Optimisations to spheres
- BREAKING CHANGE: The "System: Tick" and "System: Tick Done" broadcasts have now been renamed to "System: Physics Tick" and "System: Render Tick"

v1.6: (24 August 2016)
- Lineframe mode
- Added ambient lighting to spheres
- Optimisations to spheres
- You can no longer teleport to the tops of walls (thanks @DragonDesigns for pointing that out!)
- Added terminal velocity
- Fixed glitch where you could fall through the ground
- You can no longer look through walls when up close

v1.6-b: (24 August 2016)
- Added spheres! :D (Check out the new doorknob)
- Improved physics engine - you can now land on top of objects other than the ground ;)
- Press M to toggle mouse controls
- Fixes to loading system
- Renamed "Update Points" variable to "Update Needed"
- Changes to objects are now updated in the same frame

v1.4: (22 August 2016)
- Smooth transition to crouch mode
- Crouch now uses the shift key
- Made running faster and crouch slower
- Updated some documentation

v1.3: (22 August 2016)
- Optimisations
- Fixed glitch where you can walk through walls
- When crouched the player moves slower
- Your chosen controls no longer reset with the green flag

v1.2: (21 August 2016)
- Optimisations
- Added alternate mouse control system
- Experimental crouching
- Changed key to display FPS to F
- Moved options dialog to it's own sprite
- Rewrote render settings sprite to be more intuitive
- Fixed glass for highest resolution

v1.0: (18 August 2016)
- Original release

For a notification every time there is an update, follow this forum:

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