30 (60?!?!) Follower Raffle Winners! OwO

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Notes and Credits

Warning : I did this using bitmap, so of course it has lower quality than my regular art. I also did it in my @TurboKitten inspired style, so of course it looks less...realistic. But uh, good luck!

Fun Fact: I wrote this Notes and Credits before even knowing who won. So, uh, I guess congrats @WhateverYourNameIsIDKYetNoHateThoughRight? Uh, good luck...you. OwO

4th Runner Up (5th Place) :
3 hearts, and a small shout out!

3rd Runner Up (4th Place) :
5 hearts, 1 star, and a small shout out!

2nd Runner Up (3rd Place) :
10 hearts, 5 stars, 1 follower, and a shout out!

1st Runner Up (2nd Place) :
20 hearts, 10 stars, 3 followers, a shout out, an OC, and a logo!

1st Place!
35 hearts, 20 stars, 10 followers, a shout out, a logo, an animation for the beginning of all your projects, an OC, and your name in the title of this project!

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