Undertale: Underswap Papyrus fight

remixed by loganvcairns
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This is a follow-up to my US Sans fight. US Papyrus! After weeks of work and fighting against the battle creator program, it is finally here. Also, for you who say it is impossible to beat, I have beaten it tons of times. It is supposed to be hard, like Sans.
comment if you beat it. I will be impressed.
Make sure to double-click flag.
-Arrow keys or IJKL to move.
-Z to select and advance speech.
-X to deselect or skip speech.

Notes and Credits (added by loganvcairns)

Credit to Pococikapusta for the battle creator this was made on, as well as Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale.
This project really lags on old computers, so if everything is moving slow or the attacks seem to close together, it's probably lagging. If you experience lag, try downloading the project so it is running off of your computer, not your internet.

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