Main Three Character Bios

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I really need to focus more on my series which these three are the main focus of so here's the first batch of character descriptions. The second one will contain all the secondary/background characters.

Here's some extra info on these guys since not alot was able to be put in the pictures:

-Cee is actually smart to some degree in subjects in the science area. She has some sense of logic but not enough to cover up her naive trait.
-Noah has a few allergies and other health(?) problems. He's allergic to bees, apples, oranges, and is lactose intolerant. He may also have a mild form of OCD due to him being a perfectionist to cleanliness, organization, and even his schoolwork.
-Fish actually existed before Cee and Noah were even imagined (Not really, I mean in the universe they're in). He was imagined at around 7 years old while Cee was imagined at 11 years old and Noah at 10 years old. Also, he got his sunburn from the one time he left his house for something other than to get books to study from. He decided to study at a beach (Are there beaches in Ireland...?) in a small area under an umbrella and he fell asleep suddenly and his arm just happened to catch a small part of the sun for several hours. He has no idea how the burn even stayed since sunburns go away on their own.

Notes and Credits

Song: Love Like You...but with the instruments used for the "try again" rating in rhythm heaven... It's a high quality rip from SilvaGunner ok?

I'll be hosting a Q&A like right after I post this so uh wait for that too!

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