Music Visualizer X

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An experimental music visualizer that works surprisingly well.

The X stands for extreme :D
Inside is an 8-band realtime frequency visualizer plus some other sweet effects. Performance is excellent so there's room for even more fancy visuals. No mic required for this project.

Click dem like buttons if you liked it and lemme know if you have suggestions. Swapping your own music is doable but requires some computer savviness, instructions are in the comments below.

Music Visualizer Y (Can change the music much more easily)

Version log ------------------------------------------------
2016y-09m-05d: v1.5: fix performance
2016y-08m-31d: v1.4: fix vignette
2016y-08m-14d: v1.1-1.3: flattened bars, new font, added red shift, added fog effect, added experimental bass boost toggle (LOL!)
2016y-08m-14d: v1.0: initial version

How it works ------------------------------------------------
Somebody asked how this works in the comments so here is the explanation. Once you understand the theory it is pretty straightforward to create a visualizer like the one here.

Sound is just a collection of waves or vibrations moving through the air at different frequencies (called "hertz" (Hz), meaning times per second).
So, any sound or music you hear is just a collection of vibrations distinguished by how fast they are oscillating, in hertz.

For this project, I split a song file into 8 'bands' (like the colors of a rainbow) separated by frequency using software tools (Audacity).

So now we have 8 'bands' representing slices of the full song - with lower bands containing the low frequency/low hertz data (which is what we hear as 'bass'), all the way up to the highest bands containing the high frequency/high hertz data (called 'treble').

Each of those bands then gets recorded so we can generate a list of 'loudness' values for each of those 8 bands. This project then just takes those lists and draws bars for each of them.

That's it. Very straightforward, though the actual implementation is more difficult since you need software to help you do this. Music Visualizer Y (linked above) makes this setup process easier, click on it if ya want.

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