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I am planning on making ^Wand^ - the sequel to ^Mountain^.A regular platformer... except for the fact that it is kinda nature themed. And that you can move between levels easily (touch the left side of the screen to go to the previous level.)
R to restart
WARNING! Starting from the second or third level (depends on how good you are at platformers and your ability to think outside of the box) it WILL GET HARD

It's the journey to the other side of the mountain! Also my first attempts at flat design! Yay! (except some stuff heh heh)

There are some umm... unrealistic stuff. Like if you go into the water, you won't die. You would start swimming XD And you can't jump on clouds in real life (hint hint) XD And there would be actual sound, not just... nothing.

So yeah.

If you want to know how to beat some levels... well... I have picked some harder levels for this cheat sheet.

Notes and Credits


I worked really hard on this. Please respect my Every 10 loves up to 100, I will add a new level. After that, it will be every 50
If I reach 50 loves (very unlikely), I will make an easier version ^-^
All levels are beatable.
Platforming script by @djpro , and modified by me
Inspiration: flat designs
The rest is by me, @blahblah2412

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