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At school, my maths teacher gave the class the best project brief ever: "Choose something you're passionate about. Explain the maths behind it. Just don't make it boring!"

So, for my maths project, I mixed four of my favourite things: trigonometry, physics, Scratch, and rainbows. This is what I ended up creating, which I then presented to my class. Enjoy.


Press space to see each of the five different wave simulators I made using sine. Hover over the '?' in the bottom right corner to learn a bit about each one. See inside for more info on how it works - I've put in a bunch of comments. Allow the project to access your webcam - one of the waves you can interact with using sound!


More about trigonometry:

Introductions to trig:

Great visualisation of what a sine wave really is:

Cool projects using trigonometry:


I've always had a thing for graphs of functions. When we learnt about it for the first time in school, I thought the straight line graph was the coolest thing ever - a visualisation of every single possible y value you could get from feeding in every single number into x...

And that was just a straight line. Imagine how excited I got when we started learning about trigonometry graphs.

I've been wanting to set aside some time to just play around with that maths in Scratch ever since. So I totally took this school project as an opportunity to do something I've been wanting to do for ages anyway. XD

Special thanks to:

- my family for having long conversations about physics and trigonometry with me while I was making this, and helping me out when I got stuck (that longitudinal wave XD).

- my maths and physics teachers for always inspiring me

- my maths class for letting me trick them into applauding for me at the end of my presentation to get the sound wave simulator to move around. XD

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