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♣ Life 8: Virtual World ♣ (RUNS FASTER IN OFFLINE EDITOR)

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● Customise your character (male or female) at the Fashion Palace!
● Explore the large town, visit different shops and attractions!
● Catch different bugs and sell them to get money!
● Decorate your house with furniture and ornaments!
● Do tasks for residents or play on the slot machine to earn money!
● Socialise with the residents, you might hear interesting things!
● Keep your energy levels up by eating and drinking!
● The town regenerates each morning and night with different weather and new spawn locations for different residents, bugs and secrets.

● Walking ● Yes the walking is 'slow', this is because walking is generally slow in real life. I want the game world to feel like a large area. Try to use the skateboard and tram to get around faster. :-)

Started ● March 27th 2016
Finished ● August 8th 2016
Featured ● 18.9.2016 - 22.9.2016
Halloween version coming 1st October!

Notes and Credits

● TYPING GLITCH FIX ● Don't click the speech bar at all, for some reason it glitches when you click it. When asked to type, just type and press enter when done. Also only click people ONCE when talking to them.
● Guide --> ● ● scroll down for controls ●
LEFT ARROW KEY - Move left
RIGHT ARROW KEY - Move right
SPACE KEY - Enter a building whilst touching its door
UP ARROW KEY - Leave a building
S KEY - Use skateboard if you have bought it
N KEY - Use net if you have bought it
D KEY - Switch back to walking mode
CLICK SOMEONE - To talk to them
CLICK OBJECTS - Many can be interacted with

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