Cube Boy's Adventure! version 2.0

by kalla08
See inside

The newest Felix game!

Arrow-keys to move!


Notes and Credits

The newest Felix game!

HURRAY! Thanks so much for featuring this game! :D
40.000 views?! Under one and a half month?! Wow, THANK YOU FOR THE VIEWS AND TRYING IT OUT! It means alot!

Collect all the coins! My first good scroller adventure, hope you like it! You dont need to collect anymore for winning, added a goal. But you can still collect if you want! Fixed all the glitches i could see.

Made by me, music by Kevin MacLeod!

Updates: Added 2 black lines, nothing distracting anymore!
17.08: When you fall down pits, you die, and HP dont continiues to fall in negative numbers. Fixed all the glitches that i saw, even added a goal, you dont need to collect anymore. Its no glitch that make you fall trough floors, it never was.

This game takes inspiration from Mario and Minecraft in design. You can call it a mix of both styles, made into something original.

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