Pug Blockshade

See inside

Space key to switch between the original picture and my blockshade.
After weeks of work, I've finally completed... MY VERY FIRST BLOCKSHADE!!! ( I know it's not that good, I know... Got lazy at the end there XD )
So far my most viewed project!
2309 people saw this?! WUTTTTT
What The Community is Loving? Thank you guys so much!

Notes and Credits

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Music: Masked Heroes-Vexento
A big "Thank You" to @AMS_Xhaan2 for curating this!

◉_◉ OMG 300 SOMETHING MESSAGES!!! Cannot reply to them all, but I'll try to read them all!
If you like this, than please check out: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/122546439/

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