Scratcher of the Year Award Application

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Welcome to the Scratcher of the Year Award (SOTYA)!

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In simple terms, here is how is it goes:
1. You apply to enter the competition in a project. Make sure you answer all 5 questions listed in the project. Also, make sure it is a
remix, but that you have deleted the words. Leave a link to it in the studio.
2. We, the judges (me, @JoyArtGirl, @D_i_a_v_l_o, and @ExperienceSea), will choose 12 applications.
3. The twelve selected will move on to challenges covering many different aspects of Scratch.
4. We will narrow it down to 3, then choose one winner!
5. This will go to December 31, so we need active, committed, and motivated people!

What the judges are looking for specifically:
1. Active and dedicated people. Like really, this lasts until 2017. (I know, scary, right? XD) Anyways, I don't want people quitting on us without a logical reason (Being super busy with school is a logical reason). You need to be in it to win it! Don't worry if you're busy for a little, though. We can make small exceptions.
2. Creative and talented people. Scratch is for being imaginative, and so will the SOTYA.
3. People with good sportsmanship. There can only be one winner, and that's that. So if you don't win, please don't be too upset about it. You're still a great Scratcher. And you're not the only one out.
4. People who can adapt easily. During the competition, we will be covering many different aspects of Scratch. You don't have to be good at everything, and we get that, you're human. Even though it would help if you could do many things, if you can still pull projects off that you don't have much experience with, we'll give you more credit and respect.

I love answering questions, so please ask if you have any. But no, we are not accepting any more judges. And no, you can't ask to help otherwise. So yes, all you can do is enter. Or not enter and pass up this opportunity. Or follow the competition for fun. (We may need you later on.... Shh...)

Notes and Credits (added by Crystalmountain123)

@littlepuppy14 for the main project and information :)

Sorry for the caps, but it must stand out

Don't ask me why I won't tell you my age because here is the answer.

I used to have

'Hi, I'm Crystalmountain123, I'm ** years old and in ** grade'

But my mum told me off when she found out I did that and told me to never share my age and grade online.

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