Cow Evolution Cow Shop Maximizer

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Note: This is only useful if you launch Cow Evolution right now, and if you want to always buy the best possible cow in the game.
Turn on Cow Evolution.
To type in the cost of a Baby Cow, click the flag.
To type in the number of Baby Cows you bought using coins, press space.
Answer the first question based on the Baby Cow in the Cow Shop.
Wait until it is done, then,
Scroll around in the lists.
Easiest way to use these numbers is to look at the "Costs to Match" list, and keep buying cows until the cost equals (or is already above) what it says in the list.

Notes and Credits

I took the idea off of the game Cow Evolution. Many people have different ideas of what cow they should buy next and how they should save their money.

My strategy involves these rules:
1) Never spend gems on buying cows. Only gem the other upgrades.
2) Try to make each cow cost double the previous one (because any one cow is literally made of exactly twice of the previous type of cow, so that one cow is worth double the value of the previous one).
3) Buy the cheaper cows first (but make sure those purchases still follow the rules of the strategy).
4) Use Scratch to determine what to buy based on the EXACT costs (because the displays are actually rounded versions of what you are actually paying).
5) If you very much want to spend a gem on a cow, wait until the very last possible cow and buy one of those (that is worth the most for your gems). After that, I would not do that any more.

Apparently if you look at the "Number of Cows to Buy" list you can see there is a pattern in how many cows you should have bought at any given time. If you can figure out the exact pattern, you figured out the quick secret to maximum efficiency, and you won't need this program any more :)

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