DBZ Fighting Game - 2 Player

by cadvan6
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Notes and Credits

This is a game based on the TV series if anyone has watched it.

This is my first game on Scratch and I thought I might as well make an easy one (my other project is a bit too ambitious for me right now). After seeing Ozpeter's DBZ game I made this,mine is loosely based Ozpeter's project. But it was started from scratch.

Player 1 - Vegeta
W - Up
S - Down
A - Left
D - Right
Q - Galick Gun
E - Punch
R - Big Bang Attack
T- Supanova
Space - Kick

Player 2 - Goku
Up - Up
Down - Down
Left - Left
Right - Right
P - Kamehameha
O - Punch
I - Spirit Bomb
U - Supanova
Y - Kick

When you encounter the game over screen (red with a Z in the middle) just click the Z to stop the game and click the green flag to start it again. Should I make an improved version of this then I may change/improve the sound effects. And if you see the game over screen (or parts of it) on the menu screen (the game over screen is red with a Z in the middle.) then just press the stop and then the start button (red octagon and green flag) to sort it out. If it doesn't happen first time it will on the second or third, it isn't anything major.

Feel free to comment any problems you encounter on the forums and I'll see if I can do something about them if more than five people comment on the same problem. Constructive criticism is welcome so I know what to improve on if I make another game.

See if you can name the tone played at the game over screen.

Hope you enjoy the game.=P

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