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Okay, this was made like 5 years ago, so I've improved. Uhhhh, a lot of advice here is alright I guess, especially with the eyes, but yeah....

You should probably try to start with the head shape first, unless you are able to make the rest of the face proportionate after drawing the eye. The head shape is very irregular in this drawing, as it's flatter on one end.

More tips:

-Eyes are actually in the middle of the height of the head. Weird, I know.

-The nose should be ABOUT as far down from the eyes as the horizontal length of an eye.

-The mouth should be below the nose from about the length of the height of an eye.

-Ears span from the top of the eyes to the bottom of the nose.

Wow, the shoulders + body are very wonky in this. Don't draw like that. Please.

It may help you to draw a skeleton and then draw over that. Drawing the collar bone always helps me. The neck and shoulders have always been a tricky one for me. Look at pictures for reference of a subject at the same angle as what you're drawing.

Also, don't shade like I did. When shading, use a darker color of a slightly different hue. For example, if you're drawing a cherry, you can shade it with a slightly purpler hue. You don't have to use a more purple hue, though. You can you whatever hue you want that looks good. Doing this will make a drawing pop out more, as well as make it be in more cool or warm lighting. Lighting varies in real life. Outside, it tends to be more bluish, and inside with artificial lighting or candles, it tends to be more warm, but it again, it always varies.


I'm obviously not that active, as I haven't made a project in 5 years, but I do log in from time to time to talk to people.

Maybe I'll make one more project for an upd8, but I'm not sure.

I'm xRachiix on Deviantart, and if you use Tumblr, you can find whatever my current Tumblr url may be on my Deviantart page.

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