illusyum (v1.0.3)

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✧Creator's Note✧

Illusyum is a game about fast reflexes and timing, but it isn't a real rhythm game (although very similar), the music does NOT go with the timing. Illusyum is also very story-based, so make sure to read everything! Although it is not mandatory, make sure to listen to all of Lilith's conversations to get the full story. Full screen and Headphones are recommended. If any bugs are found, please report it in the comments! Thanks for viewing!

The game effects are meant to be distracting.

Instructions are found throughout the game.

You can press S to skip Lilith's introduction, but is highly not recommended!

Notes and Credits

FEATURED! On August 27, 2016. Thank you everyone for all the great comments and support!


-Heart Sprite from

-TWERP block from @mathmathmath
-Embers by @shinkansen

Lilith's Theme- "Kersti The Sticker" from PM:SS
Menu Theme- "Main Menu" from NES Remix
Level 1- "Fork Lifter" from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Level 2- "Endgame" by Waterflame
Level 3- "Just Around the Riverbend" from Disney's Pocahontas
Level 4- "Cornered" from Phoenix Wright 3
Level 5- "Remix 4" from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Level 6- "Ghostbusters Remix" by TheLivingTombstone
Level 7- "Spider Dance" from Undertale
Level 8- Star Wars Theme
Level 9- "Flight of the Silverbird" by Two Steps From [Heck]
Pemberton's Theme- "Memory" from Super Paper Mario
Felix's Theme- "Comedic Curtains" from MaL:Dream Team
Frida's Theme- "Sans" from Undertale
Final Boss- "F-L-O-R-O" by ElectricPopTart18
Lilith after Fight: "Clear Waters" from Undertale
Credits Theme: "His Theme" from Undertale

Sound Effects:

Beta Testing: @Aboot4

Dedicated for those who fight prejudice


●Version 1.0.3●
-Added version number to the thumbnail
-Fixed up a few sound issues.

●Version 1.0.2●
-Added flashy stuff for level 6
-Fixed introduction skip.

●Version 1.0.1●
-Added flashy stuff for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. (More flashy stuff will be added)
-Still trying to figure out why people aren't getting Felix's speech...

●Version 1.0●
-Game is released!

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