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Notes and Credits

3/9/17: I did it. I caught up to all of the comments! :DDD This gives me time to say a big thank you for 1800+ followers! Scratch On! X=P

9/8/17: Slowly catching up to comments with whatever time I have. Sorry if I take a while to reply to you!

31/7/17: Sorry that I haven't been able to reply! I'm currently on holiday for 2 weeks right now, so I'll be quite inactive. Back soon though! :)

Also, in part of the song, there is a rap part which encourages others to remix and make their own lyrics to an instrumental version inside the project! Think that you can give it a go? :D

28/7/17: Whoa, ok, what- >_>

Thanks so much for the feature, Scratch Team, and @Hope4Tomorrow for suggesting the feature! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this to happen (and I didn’t even know that this could be actually featured since it’s referencing something which was featured before) :P

(/.3.)/ <What a twist!>

But seriously, to have this project featured on the 3rd anniversary my older one also got featured is truly amazing. To be happy is an understatement! :D

Thanks for leaving feedback, and thanks for viewing everyone; it really means a lot! X=P

*Currently a bit busy right now, but I'll try to reply to every comment soon!*


Verse 1 \/
Ever think that you are on the Scratch waiting list,
When you’re complaining that your projects aren’t noticed?
Even if you don’t have many followers,
You don’t have to drown into your sorrows!
If you’ve joined us to try and reach your dreams,
You’re always part of the big Scratch family,
I’ll try to tell you my Scratch experience
(And how I’m learning from the Scratch Team and superiors)!

Chorus \/
When you are new to this site, you’re stuck most of the time,
‘Cause you need to find the right nodes/notes.
As you’ll find some glitches while you code

But we are one team, we are one thing
We are one friendly community!
If you feel like you don’t match,
Just sit right down, and start from Scratch.

Verse 2 \/
Feel proud when you get a love or fave!
You don’t have to be sad or be afraid,
'cause when I get mean comments I ignore them (report them)
And continue to look forward.


Verse 3 \/
So when I joined, I was stuck on a project;
It was like I was lost in a coding forest.
I used to be like you, wanting to be noticed
But inspiration and teachings got me focused.
Now I try to stop the hate; I try to fix mistakes...
And I try to be kind to everyone I meet!
Though I’m just one guy, with a main goal
To reach my dreams and let my world take off.

(Hey! This is just another part to remix to,
If you followed all the lyrics so far, thank you
I’ve seen so much talent and I’ve been in touch
With all the new projects that I’ve viewed so much
It’s been three years since I made this tune-
I’ve got a little challenge for you to get into!
All my friends who I’ve met along the way,
Should have a little fun and have their say.)

Chorus + Harmonies? \/


[Well, fixed with the actual tune playing now XD]

Press that green flag and press space to navigate through the project! What could the project be currently implying? Well, if you've been around with me for more than 3 years or so, or if you've seen some of my best projects, then you'll certainly recognise this! :D

Either way, I finally had time to make a second, updated version, and I'm super satisfied with how it's gone :P

Note that I aimed to get this done by the 14th of July, 2017, ready for its 3 year anniversary, so the voice recordings are going to have a little static in them. Hehe, blame me using my computer microphone for recording stuff ^-^;

Alright, credits!

Everything was made by me! XD

What can I say? If the older version was completely made by me, then this one was going to be too! Hope that you like it! X=D

So Scratchers, what do you think? Post your comments and feedback down below, and of course, constructive criticism is helpful too!

Just don't be rude about it. You know what happens to rude comments. :P

And with that, don't eat my cheese sandwich, keep looking forward, and Scratch On! X=)

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