New Wario Bros. 2 (NOT FOR RESALE)

remixed by TheGreatestTimmy
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WARIO: right 'd' left 'a' jump 'w'
WALUIGI: right 'right' left 'left' jump 'up'
KTM: right 'l' left 'j' jump 'i'
YOSHI: right 'h' left 'f' jump 't'
RYANMAN: right 'n' left 'v' jump 'g'
Stuck in a wall glitch and need to reset? Use the 'R' key.
Newest Update: Glitches: KTM during level nine glitches out when you press R, Level Ten: I Recommend waluigi during the level.
NEWER Update: as i said on the New Wario Bros 2 Teaser, It Says Yoshi Is Invincible, but on the legs, he is now invincible on lava, NOW RYANMAN HAS BEEN ADDED. BRYANMAN COMING SOON
Newerer Update:KTM is now a smooth moving character,

Notes and Credits (added by TheGreatestTimmy)


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