A Dedication to Bach!

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Just watch, like the program Synthesia!

About this piece:
This piece was written in 2010 by a Chinese music scholar whose name is unknown. It sounds very similar to Bach's Prelude #2 in G Minor. On the sheet music it said it was dedicated to Bach. I couldn't understand the title so I left it as it was.

Notes and Credits

Found out about this piece through the app Piano Tiles 2. It is entitled there as "G Minor Bach" (if you select the Chinese it gives you the same meaning) but I think that's misleading cause it wasn't written by Bach, and that's still not the original title. Ask if you would like the sheet music!

About this project:
So I first created a copy of my Por Una Cabeza project for its base. I originally intended to just rewrite the lists (I should let you know that I type the lists based off the sheet music -- I do not cheat with the import and export buttons) and leave the presentation alone, but then one thing fell after another and I ended up with this, a near copy of the program Synthesia.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially how smooth it plays (I had a LOT of trouble getting rid of needless stacatto). I like the fact that I for my first time incorporated different length notes (I usually blur them together and let rhythm create the illusion) and different size blocks. I especially like how I created the mini piano, which is accurate even if you change the key!

Hopefully, as I put a lot of time and effort into this project, lots of people will see it and like the music!

Me from the future:
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