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First- things to clear up: (scroll to the next small section to skip this)
The characters in the comedy are the same characters; Rhett and Link, but Good Mythical Morning has very little to do with this comedy on it's own. (I will credit to GMM/Rhett/Link)
Another thing I should say this ISN'T A COPY OF @MAJESTICPIE's
"Waffles" animation!!! I got ZERO INSPIRATION from him, not even Link from TLOZ. I didn't even know he made his project before mine. THIS IS NOT A COPY OF @MAJESTICPIE!!!
But now onto the real description:
This is one of my favorite animations I've made (it was really fun to make), and It's definitely one of my better quality animations. ^.^ Thanks to @Silvershimmer43 for making her version of the animation which can be found here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/17668155/
So some projects that might be coming out soon are some projects that I've made 2 years ago, and never shared! So look forward to those! :)
Also, for those who haven't seen my YouTube channel, my account is "FunnyAnimatorJimTV" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJaDXVhqrm5uwtTvUUAkSA I will be posting some of my animations on YouTube! Subscribing and taking a look at my videos is appreciated! :)
Anyway, enjoy this funny animation, and see you next time! Bye! :)
Time: About 1 Minute
Question of the Project: What do you eat for breakfast? (favorite)
Scratcher of the Project: @MarshmallowMadness
Joke: Ping pong lesson: 5% - Playing Ping-Pong : 95% - Chasing the ball around the room
My answer to QOTP: It depends. I'm not the kind of kid that has cereal, milk, waffles, pancakes, poptarts and more cereal for breakfast. Personally I like grits, eggs, sausages, oranges (various fruits) and I like potatoes, but for the most part I like having grits. :) (grits are tiny, mashed up corns. (If you haven't, TRY THEM. They're really good)

Notes and Credits

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HUGE thanks to @Silvershimmer43 for a TON of inspiration, as well as inspiring me to make this animation in the first place! :D
Huge thanks to @SwiftDrift for making a strait-forward anti-lag, audio functioning system! + inspiration

The original audio is from the comedian Julian Smith.

Nintendo - The Legend of Zelda
Rhett and Link - Good Mythical Morning
The Yogscast
Willy Waffle
Scott Joplin

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