Fist of Furious

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TOP LOVED!!!! Thanks humans!! -7/26/16
Top Remixed :) - 7/30/16
Welcome to: Fist of Furious!
The title says it all :p) (you think it's good?) XD :D
Use arrow keys to swipe them enemies & live
SPACE to pause game.
I'm getting so much mail I cant even focus on this game! :P
LOVE and FAVORITE If you like it! (Its free!)
Feedback or commentary is welcome!! Share your thoughts on this game? (FEEDBACK CAN BE NEGATIVE if it is appropriate)
If you think you're good at this game, try turbo mode. >:)
Comment your score and beat the highscore! :P
Remix with some of your own ideas!
UPDATE* 11k viewers! Thanks!!! :O
18k views and 1400 loves!! Thanks guys! - Sept. 12, 2016

Notes and Credits

Did @Will_Wam just loved this?! Thanks Willl!!! You the best
Note: This game is not a copy or a remix of @theChAOTiC's game I know it might look similar, but we were both inspired by Fist of Fury.
This is a remake of an iOS game called Fist of Fury! ( But this is Fist of FURIOUS! :-p)

*GUESS WUT? Circle the Square is a real human!!! He just also happens to have a Scratch account! Coincidence? Oh my Josh!
Music is Unity by TheFatRat
Art, text engine, and everything else by me!
*Customers also liked:
Should I add more characters? I feel like it would be nice, but it'll take like a week to do XD
- programmed an engine to render ALL the floor tiles
- added 3 characters! and 2 more! and 5 more :D Yay!!
- added setting button which includes mute & sound effects control
- replaced 77 clones with just 1 pic, an easier and A LOT LESS LAGGIER way to make the stripes in the background!
- added a total score
- added special ability!
- circle the square ;) @Joshrawesome @Joshrawesome @Joshrawesome @Joshrawesome @Joshrawesome @Joshrawesome @Joshrawesome @Joshrawesome @Joshrawesome @Joshrawesome

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