A Random Number Experiment

See inside

The yellow square is one-fourth the size of the larger square. If 100 points are chosen at random in the larger square, one would expect that 25 are hidden under the yellow square.
This project runs 100 trials with each trial plotting 100 points. The points under the square are accumulated and an average computed at the end of the experiment.
You can click and drag the square to another location and rerun the experiment. Obviously, for a valid experiment, the yellow square must be fully contained within the larger square.
Click on the green flag. Use Turbo

Notes and Credits

I use this project to introduce random numbers (actually pseudorandom numbers) to the middle and secondary math and science teachers that take my Scratch programming course. The majority of these teachers do not have any programming experience. I work hard to be both gentle with the students and rigorous with the content.
I welcome comments.

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