Variable Platformer Base

by CO_OD
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Notes and Credits

thanks to recycle49 for curating!

A completely variable-based platform game!

this is designed to be remixed, it is just an engine. i didn't spend a whole lot of time on the level design for this reason.

if you get stuck, press 'p' and select restart. you will lose a life if you do.

-arrow keys: move
-p: pause
-spacebar: select option

if you want to edit it and make your own levels, here are the instructions:
1. open the 'level1 objects' list and delete or add every variable that you wish to have an obstacle there.
3. repeat for every level you want to edit.
4. if you want to add additional levels after the initial ten, then make a list for the level objects.
5. you must add two seperate scripts to make this work.
first the first script under forever, is the load level script. you must copy the previous one and replace the previous level's script name where it is indicated. then add your list's name in place of the second part.
6. then go to near the bottom, and look at the directions there.

please give credit and post a link if you remix.

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