Two Thieves

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           - Two Thieves -

This is the story of two thieves, Tom and Jeff, and their incredible adventure to...
...well, they call it 'saving the world.'

All instructions are inside. You'll be able to play after getting acquainted with Tom and Jeff. That should be fun.

The game itself is pretty difficult at first, but after a couple of runs you'll start to learn the patterns and techniques and you'll be good as gold.

Or, close, at least.

Hope you enjoy the story, game, and of course, Tom and Jeff themselves!

(My high score is 256)

PS if you for some reason don't want to listen to Tom and Jeff prattle, pressing z will skip the intro and the instructions.

Notes and Credits

Really hope you guys enjoy this, I worked pretty hard on it! :)
Top Loved! Thanks ya'll! :D
After you're done here, please check out my newest game! :D

***ALSO, be sure to read everything above in the instructions and below in the Notes and Credits. They're here for a reason. <3***

             - Credits -

Everything was made by me, except:
- The music, which is by Adam Young
- The text engine, though this was heavily modified by me.
 (Lost the project, currently searching for it...)
- The poly art in the intro is from the internet

All other art, sound effects, programming, idea, and so on and so forth was by me, @-TotallyEpic-. This is currently being improved and developed into an application for various platforms. Follow me if you want updates on that. :)

Inspiration for the forest and gemstone designs came from images online, though I adapted them and made them myself.

             - Praise -
Love and comment with your thoughts to have a chance of getting your comment posted here, along with a link to your profile. :o

"This game is a work of art. Hard yet rewarding to play, with a laugh-out-loud introduction. I highly recommend playing this, and if you do it's guaranteed you'll fall in love with the game immediately."

"Wow. Tom and Jeff are my role models. xD Really hard but even more fun. The Graphics and stuff are super good."

"This is great! I am having a tough time getting the hang of it though xD"

"Noice I like how the main characters are these wannabe heroes who think they're smarter than the other. :)"

"6 I was distracted *cough*"


"OH GOODNESS! I lasted 5 seconds and then my brain started melting and I lost. Good game, good game."

"What an amusing and original concept! Tom and Jeff are so funny! The graphics are cute and fit well with the rest concept!"

       - Development and Achievement Log -

7/18/2016 2:00 PM - RELEASE!

7/19/2016 - Top Loved! (For an entire week!)

7/26/2016 - 1200 faves and 1450 loves

7/30/2016 - 2100+ loves and 1700+ faves (only four days after above)

Pre release:

7/17/2016 afternoon - Update - Added game over phrases, polished game over screen, designed thumbnail, more dynamic level spawn system, bug fixes, lag elimination.

7/17/2016 5:00 PM - NTD -Intense lag, might be machine overheating. Let sit and try again later before debug // success

7/18/2016 12:50 AM - NTD - Before release, fix land/land spawn bug. Death ground disappears with multiple spawns in succession. Also, implement returning user shortcuts and better instructions.

7/18/2016 All Morning - Updates - Land spawning issues fixed, lag eliminated, redid the instructions, returning user shortcuts implemented and fixed, new obstacle strings added.

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