-{Imagine Dragons - Dream MAP Part 15}-

remixed by GoldenFlower32
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MAP hosted by: @LillyRiver
Song by: Imagine Dragons
Suggestion by: @Terragamer101
- Well... it's not EXACTLY first come first serve, So if two people want the same part, I'll give the one that has more high quality art. I'M NOT SAYING YOUR ART IS TERRIBLE!!! Your art is incredible. A lot of times you guys make it very hard for me to choose which one gets the part.
- If you use messages, please put them as a bunch of letters mashed together. (ex. ebbefibvihcbib) try not to use the example though.
- This is a grayscale MAP, that meant EVERYTHING GRAY. I will make NO exceptions.
- You must know what PMV means and you must make your part PMV.
- I'd prefer if you used "glide" or "size" blocks instead of JUST "costume change" blocks. But the "costume change" blocks are allowed though.
- No "Color Effect", but other effects are allowed.
- Please try not to forget about this. If you normally forget about things please write it down somewhere on your computer.
- Please use as less sprites as possible.
- Do not start working on your part until I tell you if you can join.
- Don't do watermarks, I'll do those.
- If you're new to MAPs, what you do in them is you look inside and listen to the parts, then you ask for one, then do your animation to it. But since this is a PMV MAP do a PMV to it instead of animation. But make sure you read the rules.
- Use your own art. I will not allow people using other peoples art even if they give credit.
- Please finish you're part in a week, please. I might give out extensions if I'm not too desperate for this MAP to be completed. But that doesn't mean you should wait until the last minute.
- Please do one part at a time so you don't get overwhelmed.
- If I say "Imagine." I'm asking if you want another part because I gave that part to someone else, if I say "Dragons." that means you get the part. Also when I say one of those things please respond somehow so I know that you read the rules.
- Only OCs and your own fandoms.
- If you do not follow the rules, you will be asked to change whatever you didn't follow.
Read 'le rules. If you have, thank you, I appreciate it.

Notes and Credits (added by GoldenFlower32)

Credit to @_-__-_ for the amazing MAP!

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