Dolphins 3D

by heldlaw
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Just a simple, relaxing animation.
Click the green flag, sit back and enjoy.

Feel free to remix; check inside for hints on how to change the number of dolphins, their speed, direction, camera position...

Please be nice to animals; it's not their fault that we humans feel superior.

Notes and Credits

January 13, 2017: ----- FEATURED !!! -----
Such a surprise on Friday the 13th!
A big hug for the Scratch team and whoever nominated me.
Thanks everyone for the loves and kind words. My apologies if I did not reply to your comments yet.
Designed and programmed by me, July-September 2016.

I designed a simplified 3D model of something that resembles a dolphin, entirely made up of spheres and stadiums, and reproducible by relatively simple mathematical formulas, making it straightforward and efficient to be drawn by pen.

Tuning the formulas that represent the 3D shape, I spent many hours studying this drawing of a dolphin's body:
The image is part of the article "Marine Mammals & The Physics of Aquatic Life" by Daniela Wilner, April 9, 2012.
According to the article, the figure came from a scientific paper by Fish et al. from 2008.

'Dolphins' title and scrolling background made with GIMP, using gradient 'Horizon 2', font 'Sans' and a lot of filters.
Special thanks go to these tutorials:

Music: 'soundscape1-freesound.wav' by Thoribass.
Licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Thanks to Wikipedia for most of the trivia.

I got the idea for this project after receiving an invitation for the art contest for Void of the Ocean by @nickydroids.

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