Rise and fall

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Yay featured 8/1/2017 tysm!

Note: there seems to be an issue with cloud data (as in the highscore should be able to be set, but the cloud variable simply wasn't changing when I tried to directly set its value to a string of numbers..?), so I'd suggest not trying too hard to beat it as it might not even save :/ Sorry about that

Rise and fall - a game where you, the Earth, roll around on the surface of the moon. Rise with the stars lifting you up to the skies (that sounds poetic lol) and avoid autumn leaves falling from a tree growing in a way-too-small plant pot. Enjoy! :)

Game concept: Inspired by an idea for an app for a school assignment, which in turn was by various infinity runner type games :P
Programming: all by me.
Art: I used Ibis Paint on an iPad to create the art, and used Google Drawings for the font and stuff. Font is Nova Mono. I made most of the art, but thanks to someone irl who helped me with and did a bit of the galaxy-type background.
Music: Elucidate by @PaulRHJT. His songs are free to use by Scratchers.

10/7/16: Made the stars and leaves move a bit more slowly at the start to make it a bit easier.
8/1/17: Swapped the "mute" and "unmute" icons around to make more sense
9/1/17: Added a way to skip the tutorial and an in-game score counter due to popular demand

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