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by waaaa24
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That's right, I made sprite sheets of Wario and Waluigi as Sans and Papyrus from UNDERTALE. You can click on any sprite to go to the next sprite sheet, I haven't made a project for a while. Despite Undertale's own fandom, the game itself is really great, despite that I never played it and I just looked through every single spoiler, but it's still looks interesting though. Give credit if these sprites are used, but PLEASE don't use these for hate, even if you HATE Undertale. And most importantly PLEASE don't bug me with your requests, this took me DAYS to finish this and I didn't even make this so you can just "request" for something, jokes don't count either.

Notes and Credits

Credit to Toby Fox for Undertale and this music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3sJ79C1Zyo

Edit 9/7/16: Forgot to add a Head Bandana to go with the muscle shirt, it's there now.

Edit 11/7/16: I added 1 new Waluigi sprite each for costume1 and costume2 and I edited some of the closed-eyed Wario eyebrows in costume3

Edit 12/7/16: I've made some AU sprites of Wario and Waluigi on the top. The Sans and Papyrus on the bottom are used for comparisons, I gave credit who made those sprites, not the AU. (Toby Fox and Voltrathelively has an exception)

Edit: 13/7/16: I had to fix UndersWAp Wario's glove, because it's bothering me and I also noticed that Underswap Sans' updated pants are black, so I had to fix that aswell.

Edit: 14/7/16: I added Roleswap Wario and Waluigi.

Edit: 16/7/16: I added colored battle sprites of the Wario and Waluigi (and the Mario bros) and I also added alternative versions of Underfell Wario and Waluigi

Edit: 26/7/16: I added alternative Underswap Wario and Waluigi next to the Underfell ones

Edit: 29/7/16: I added something............glamourous

Edit: 15/8/16: I added a "Sixbones" version of Wario and Waluigi in costume2 next to disbelief Waluigi

Edit: 6/9/16: I added updated versions of Wario and Waluigi's overworld dialogue sprites (costume12) I'm keeping the old ones (costume6) just in case other people prefers the old ones better.

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