Tank Arena v3.0 (Multiplayer Cloud Game)

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A Multiplayer game for 2 to 8 players - Wait 8 seconds to join. If it's just you, then you have to just wait and hope someone else will join!
* Click to move your tank to that location (or press W)
* Click and hold to target an area to shoot at (or press Space)
* Number keys 1-4 to change weapon
* Press 'c' to change your colour (while playing).
* Press 'p' to toggle player list.
* Press 't' to enter safe chat mode

Please note that because I am actively developing this project I might need to remotely stop your projects so that everyone is running compatible versions of the game :)

Many people have asked me to add multiplayer to my games. But is it really possible in scratch? Well... Lets find out :)

Notes and Credits

More multiplayer fun coming soon here: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/12785898/

11 Sep 2013 - YAY!!! SAFE CHAT! - Press T... :)

22 Aug 2013 - v2.3 - Added keyboard support in place of mouse clicks... W to set destination, Space to set shooting target. Added visible drive to target.

22 Aug 2013 - v2.2 - Working on a few power ups... (4 gun types implemented... Use number keys 1-4 for now)

21 Aug 2013 - v2.1b - Switched to an alternative map for variety. I'll do that from time to time until I get it working automatically. Added bullet and explosion sprite caching to try to improve performance when there are lots of players at once... We shall have to see!

20 Aug 2013 - v2.1 - Keep track of kills for each player (for as long as they keep playing). Also, press 'P' to toggle current player list.

19 Aug 2013 - v2.0c - Tweaked level to be a little more interesting and extended the mouse look to scroll a little further...

19 Aug 2013 - v2.0b - Sped up the tanks (But at present not compensated for this networking speed). What does this mean? Well if means that you are seeing every tank (except yours) located where they were around half a second before... So SHOOT in front of them a little! A player is only truly damaged by hits that make contact on their own screen (that's why tanks appear to re-charge their health)

17 Aug 2013 - v2.0 - New Scrolling Map... Nothing more yet, but it was quite a big change to the coding to allow it... (Spawn in wall bug fixed)

26 Jul 2013 - v1.3 - Added initial invulnerability and then death.

25 Jul 2013 - v1.2 - Added health bar and damage. No player death yet though. Added press 'c' to change your colour. Added internal version number to allow me to force other players to reload a newer version of the game.

24 Jul 2013 - v1.1 - Stabilised scripts to handle issue where two player attempt to take the same player slot.

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