Generation Quest v2.0

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Use the arrow keys to move.
Go up to a shop to enter it.
To go through dialogue, press space.
Click the areas in the map screen to teleport to them.
Press "X" to duck.
Press "T" to transform into and out of your mechsuit, (ONLY ACTIVATED DURING EXTENDED MODE).

To purchase a weapon, click on it.
To cycle through costumes, press space.

To fire a weapon, press space.
To cycle through weapons, click the weapons wheel.

Note: The mech suit activates by itself and also comes with its own weapons, which work in the same way as your usual ones.

Notes and Credits

Generation Quest v2.0

A complete and total upgrade of the game — with new cutscenes, backgrounds, redesigned and fully animated sprites, new sound effects, new music, new battles... it's basically a completely new game!
You travel through lands, earning coins, getting awesome weapons, and fighting deadly enemies, and all the while a battle looms on the horizon!
If you remix this or use sprites or scripts from it, please give credit and tell me. Thanks. :)

* programs used to make this game *
* in order of how much I used them *

- Scratch | for scripting, sprites, and gameplay

- Cheetah3D | for the 3D backgrounds

- Corel Painter X & Photoshop | for manipulating images

- GarageBand | for the originally composed music

- AmadeusPro | for tweaking the music


- Flash and Animate CC | for the cutscenes

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