Sonic CD Advanced

remixed by Oldschooler2
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Notes and Credits (added by Oldschooler2)


Left and right arrow keys: move
space bar: jump
down arrow key, then space bar: dash

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This took about 15 hours of work. Somewhat glitchy, but otherwise fully playable.

Honestly, this really IS NOT A TRUE REMAKE OF SONIC CD, it would take too much time to add the time zones and levels.

In my opionion, an adequate simulation of a Sonic the hedgehog game, play as Sonic as you run through Robotnik's Run, a crazy air base set up in the clouds. This does not have crazy loop-D-loops or lots of rings or even a score and time. Frankly, I wanted this to be less fast paced and more thinking ahead about your moves. :) Slope detection works pretty good, as with gravity and velocity scrolling.

The boss is a surprise... he's a robot Robotnik built. To beat him: just press space and make sure you are ABOVE HIM or he won't get hurt.
Like almost all Sonic games, you gotta hit him 8 times before he is annihilated.
You have 3 lives. You get more lives if you get the rings at the beginning.

I left some of the sprite sheets inside if you download, use them if you want. Please say you got them from <a href=""></a>; that's where I got all the sprites for this game.

Good Luck.

Oldschooler2 Productions

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